Tech Taffy - Funky Confetti
Tech Taffy - Funky Confetti

    Tech Taffy

      Meet your fairy goomother.
      Tech Taffy is a miracle cleaning compound for keyboards, electronics, car vents and crevices. It busts dust & battles bacteria. It’s totally reusable & is really fun (not to mention oddly pretty in a swirl of pink, yellow & orange ombre colors) to use.

      Just pinch off a chunk of this magical goo & press it repeatedly into your available dirty crack. (No, not that crack.) Press & lift, press & lift. You’ll see Tech Taffy eat up the crumbs & dust before your eyes. Place the chunk back in the container & tighten the lid after each use. When a full layer of Tech Taffy is discolored & full of lots of visible gunk, dispose of it & move on to the next layer.

      Store in cool, dry place. Wash hands after use. Keep away from children. (And that crack.) Do not eat.

      Ingredients: Boric Acid (disinfectant), Quaternium (preservative), Bactericide (anti-bacterial), Methyl Benzoic Acid (intermediate), Fragrance.

      Product weight & dimensions: 7 oz, 2.5 x 2.75 x 2.75"




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